Work for a pensioner – difficult finances for the elderly

The number of people of working age is decreasing in Poland from year to year. The society is aging, and this translates into an increase in the number of pensioners receiving benefits from GFI. Retiring for most seniors, unfortunately, does not mean blissful peace. Most older people complain: our benefits are too low, we have a problem living on retirement! Work for a pensioner becomes a must.

More and more pensioners below the minimum


According to the data of the Social Insurance Institution, the number of people deprived of the right to retirement at the lowest guaranteed level is increasing rapidly. In March 2018, there were about 234,000 people deprived of the right to the lowest retirement benefit. According to GFI forecasts, in 2020 the number of people receiving a lower than minimum benefit will reach the level of approx. 315 thousand. In 2025, half a million pensioners may already be affected.

Extra work will save the pensioner


Low retirement benefits motivate seniors to look for additional work. More and more people are looking for job offers for retirees on the internet. Older people can find interesting job offers on both national and local job portals. A source of information about job offers for seniors can also be Facebook, or more precisely groups of users, bringing together retirees and retirees.

Work for a pensioner – popular offers

Work for a pensioner - popular offers

Pensioners wanting to find employment must adapt to the requirements of the labor market. Among the most frequently offered activities for them are: childcare, guarding property, sales. An enterprising and full of strength pensioner can also start his own business. Here the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Older people often offer tailoring and accounting services, rewriting and editing services. A separate group of pensioners are police, military or firefighters who can retire at the age of 55. Uniform retirees are usually physically fit, well-trained. Training and security companies often use their services.

Remote work – another way to earn a pension


Finding a remote job has become easy thanks to the Internet. It is also used by pensioners who can save their budget without even leaving their home. Then they do such work on the computer, but not only.
Classes performed remotely by pensioners include:
• Sale of handicrafts, e.g. hand-made or sewn decorations,
• Completing online surveys,
• Transcription of texts and recordings,
• Writing custom texts.

A pensioner in need – what way to survive?

However, if a senior cannot find a job and needs extra cash for important needs, Finn comes to the rescue. Extra money will help you through the harder period. The repayment of installments can be conveniently spread over the following months, which will not be a big burden for the household budget.

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