‘Venture’ investment platform leverages Yoti more to onboard retail customers

Additionally, there is an investment platform that connects retail investors to venture capital funds, starting from just £1,000.

Additionally, a London-based startup developing an FCA-licensed investment platform has selected digital identity provider Yoti to streamline the customer onboarding process, allowing people to invest faster and more easily in the funds of their choice.

The investment platform connects retail investors with venture capital funds, at scale and with minimum investment levels, allowing small investors to access venture capital funds, from just £1,000.

The venture capital fund investment opportunities available on the platform include a variety of well-known UK and international venture capital fund managers with tax advantages.

FCA rules further require providing proper proof of identity to investors when transactions take place to prove that all investors seeking to invest in a fund through Further are who they claim to be.

Yoti offers frictionless onboarding and faster processing times with its digital identity checks that take less than five minutes, empowering Further’s KYC and AML processes.

Rob Tominey, Further’s CEO, commented, “We are delighted to be working with Yoti on Identity Verification and AML, which have been seamlessly integrated into Further’s onboarding process. To deliver a high-quality, premium, and trustworthy experience for today’s investors, it was important that we find a tool with a user experience that matches ours and is simple to use on all devices – and Yoti did. We look forward to growing further alongside the Yoti team.

John Abbott, Chief Commercial Officer at Yoti, said, “We’re really excited to be working with Further to power the next generation of financial products. Our identity verification technology will strengthen and streamline their customer onboarding and create a smooth and secure experience. Consumers increasingly want better experiences, and our technology can speed up processes that have historically taken a lot of time and effort. Individuals can quickly pass identity verification checks and focus on what’s important: their investment decisions. »

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