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In 2019, Madrona’s Matt McIlwain moderated a panel at the 2019 COSM Technology Summit, “The Role of AI in Unlocking Human Potential”. The panel followed the live speech by tech pioneer and prophet Ray Kurzweil in which he predicted that we will merge with our computers by 2045 – The Singularity: “Our intelligence then will be a combination of our biological and non-biological intelligence. “, He explained. We will be applications of our intelligent computers.

Where are we going? And if that happened, would it be progress? Already we panic when we can’t find our phones, our computers go down, or the internet goes down. Or the power is off. Yet Isaac Newton changed physics with pen and paper. Albert Einstein too. McIlwain suggests, take a deeper look.

Now he’s back for 2021, moderating a panel on the use of biotechnology to increase human longevity: “Innovations in Biotech: Killing Disease and Living Longer” (10:00 am Thursday 11 November).

His guests will be Stephen C. Meyer, Director, Center for Science and Culture (Discovery Institute); Jim Tour, professor of chemistry, Rice University; and Matthew Scholz, CEO of Oisin Biotechnologies. Scholz’s work is particularly interesting because it targets aging cells (“zombies”) that are expected to die. But, as we get older, they don’t do it more and more. These cells are believed to contribute to age-related illnesses.

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McIlwain invests in a wide range of software and data-driven companies, with a focus on cloud computing, data software, intelligent applications, and innovation intersections (where life sciences and data sciences intersect). He believes in the learning loop for entrepreneurs moving from curiosity to triangulation and decision making. This leads to positive results and continuous learning.

He will also be a panelist for “SPAC, IPO and Direct Listings: New Tools to Unlock Capital Markets” on Friday, November 12 at 9 am. Other guests will be Bryan Mistele, CEO of Inrix, and Kristin Zimmerman, CEO of Morgan Stanley. Hope Cochran, Managing Director of Madrona Venture Group, will be moderated.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear and network with those COSM 2021 speakers also:

Carver Mead: “Listen to the technology; find out what he’s telling you… ”That’s the motto of CalTech’s Carver Mead, who will be speaking at COSM 2021. Integrated circuit design pioneer Carver Mead also takes a deep interest in physics issues, seeing “Quite visibly what is in his heart.”


The greatest chemist in the world, James Tour, will speak at COSM 2021. Tour builds molecules for a living, a position that makes him marvel “of God:” Only a recruit who knows nothing about science would say that the science takes away faith. “In addition to its hundreds of articles and dozens of patent families, Tour’s passion is to introduce the public to the many worlds of science.


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