Unitree Technology Company’s first robotic arm collaborates with a quadruped robot

According to the company’s live video, the robotic arm may be seen installed on the robot head. With such a arm, the robot can finish smoothlyand actions such as picking up objects, opening and closing doors, pouring wine automatically and tightening screwsandCT.

IIntelligence is just beginning

Unitree Technology CEO Wang Xingxing carries the significant implications on the field of robotics with the newlylrobotic arm launchedaAnd he explained the goals and the future. Wang Xingxing caused a stir in the field of robotics with his Xdog design in 2016.

The robotic arm is indispensable for quadruped robots. IIt can be used to meet the different application requirements of industrial and household services. Jthe development perspective of a robotic arm is wide. “The two industrial applicationss and offline stores become our goalI“Wang Xingxing said.

JUnitree CEO said, “The robotic arm is currently in a rapid development phase with the evolution and direction of technology. But we hope that he will enter our lives immediately. The current problem is cost control and improving intelligence.

The emergence of collaborative robots

It is obvious that the robotic arm is light and can move flexibly. With it, the omnipotent robot dog is even more powerful.

Over time, the combination of the robot dog and the collaborative robotic arm can do more and more things.

Now, Unitree is exploring to classify the collaboration between robot dog and robotic arm and set industry standards.

Let’s wait and see how Unitree Technology will lead the future revolution in the field of robotics with its robotic arm.


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