Unicorn Venture Capital’s Eunice Wong on How to Pick the Right Crypto


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For those who are comfortable with its volatility, cryptocurrency is an exciting new frontier with a myriad of opportunities. We are in a transitional phase, which could be seen as the early days of email – an exciting new technology that has scared some and excited others.

Some have taken to email like ducks in the water, excited by its possibilities. Others, on the other hand, were not so enthusiastic. Eventually, however, whether an individual liked it or not, society as a collective shifted from a largely paper-based mail system to an electronic one. Of course, many of us still receive letters every day – mostly from banks, energy companies, etc. – but when was the last time you posted one?

Some believe that traditional forms of currency are like paper mail, with cryptos like Bitcoin representing the exciting new wave of the future. Slowly, but steadily, the barriers to using crypto as the primary form of currency are falling. Crypto trading has never been easier thanks to crypto trading apps like Zipmex which allow users to trade digital currencies instantly. More and more stores are starting to accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment, and more and more people are feeling comfortable with its validity.

Eunice Wong, director of Unicorn Venture Capital, is a pioneer in the sense that she is one of the many players betting on this crypto-led revolution. She’s also a sort of financial influencer, or “fin-influencer” – with 119,000 healthy Instagram followers and 20,000 on Instagram. Twitter, where she posts several times a day on cryptocurrency. We caught up with her to discuss trading, strategy, and all things crypto.

Hello Eunice, tell us a little about who you are and what you do.

I am a dynamic trader, I trade simple patterns with high probability in the direction of the long term trend. I am simply the flow of money. Basically let the big boys place their bets and I react.

90% of the time I wait for the range to contract on lower volume, once I think there is minimal downside risk I buy the first price / volume breaks out of base and j ‘executes a stop-loss below support.

How does cryptocurrency fit into your life?

Cryptocurrency is still in the early stages of adaptation. Right now, there aren’t as many mainstream retailers that accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. But now it’s showing in the adaptation of cryptocurrency through payment portals like PayPal, Visa, and Square. We are about to see a generational shift in the traditional acceptance of cryptocurrency.

How did you get started?

I was taught to trade the stock markets by following the flow of money. I was drawn to the volatility of the crypto space when I realized that the same strategy I had implemented in equity was also working in the crypto space. So I went ahead and opened a crypto account and started trading.

Has crypto changed your approach to money?

No. In my opinion, crypto is another form of money.

Are you using crypto for purchases or purely for investment?

At this point, it is purely an investment due to the limited availability of the ability to purchase products using crypto.

How to choose a good investment?

I mainly trade the majority of coins due to the volatility and rapid returns to space. When it comes to long-term investments, blockchain and utility space tokens are my picks because they offer intrinsic value and function that solves ecosystem issues.

Many crypto newbies may find the tax obligations of investing quite tricky; have you had the same experience?

I cannot answer this yet as I started trading cryptos in January of this year. My advice to people on tax matters is to pay for a good accountant who knows what he is doing.

Do you have any tips for people looking to get into crypto?

Pick a reputable exchange to start, learn from people with a long and solid track record in trading and investing. To start small until you have a deeper understanding of the space.

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