Top 12 Sports Tech Companies in India

Sport is the backbone of the Indian public. It occupies an important role in the life of the Indians, not only for amusement, but also for the various emotions associated with them. Sports also bring friends and family together. Many entrepreneurs start new businesses, ranging from selling sports equipment to offering unique tools. Sports is one of the most important sectors in India. India’s sporting goods industry was estimated at $2 billion in 2013. These companies offer a variety of services, including online ticket purchasing and high-quality sports and health equipment and materials. Here we bring a comprehensive list of top 12 sports tech companies.

List of Top 12 Sports Tech Companies in India Companies Based on Founders
1. Dream11 2008 Bhavit Sheth and Harsh Jain
2. MPL 2018 Sai Srinivas Kiran G and

Shubham Malhotra

3. collections 2010 Anjana Reddy
4. Sports365 2011 Chandra Sekhar Reddy and Aashutosh Chaudhari
5. First Paytm games 2018 Vijay Shekhar Sharma
6. SportzVillage 2003 Jitendra Joshi and Saumil Majmudar
seven. BallBazzi 2017 Saurabh Chopra
8. Root 2016 Piyush Kumar
9. Sports app 2018 Shashank Mishra and Himanshu Dwarf
ten. Xtremezone 2003 Praveen Krishnaiah and Deepa Praveen
11. BookMySports 2015 Sanjeev Sinha
12. KOOH Sports 2010 Prabhu Srinivasan and Susir Kumar

Sports technology company: Dream11

Image source: Startup Talky

Dream 11 is one of India’s most famous sports startups, headquartered in Mumbai. Bhavit Sheth and Harsh Jain created it as an online sports platform. It is an official sponsor of the BCCI‘s IPL, which allows users to participate in real-time fantasy cricket and football competitions. Initially it focused on cricket but in 2014 it expanded to include football competitions. It allows fans to create leagues and you can even ask your friends to join them in games.

Sports technology company: MPL

Sports Technology Company - MPL - KreedOn
Image source: Exchange4media

Bangalore-based MPL is one of India’s best-known sports startups. It was established in 2018. MPL, or Mobile Premier League, is an online sports site where people can participate in a variety of sports from different sports categories. Players can also participate in eSports gaming contests. People can play a variety of games including WCC, Fantasy Sports, Chess, and PUBG Mobile. The MPL app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

Sports technology company: Collectabilia

Sports technology company - - KreedOn
Image source: Collectabillia

Anjana Reddy established Collectabillia, a sports company in India, in 2010. It is an online learning portal based in Bangalore. After two years in development, the company made its debut at IPL 2012, partnering with Sachin Tendulkar to auction off limited edition products to commemorate its historic “100th cent”. The company is centered on an auction site platform for selling sports celebrity merchandise. Football, cricket, tennis and other sports are included. Clothing, sporting goods, posters, office supplies and other products are also available.

Sports technology company: Sports365

Sports Technology Company - Sports365 - KreedOn
Image source: Sports365

In 2011, Chandra Sekhar Reddy and Aashutosh Chaudhari established Sports365, a Bangalore-based company. With its unique platform for the sporting needs of users, both consumers and organizations, the company is India’s leading business venture that caters to the fitness and health sector. They offer a full range of sports products from renowned global sports companies, including sports and fitness equipment, apparel and accessories. They also provide services to schools and colleges, businesses, organizations, and real estate for functions, infrastructure projects, consulting, and merchandising.

First Paytm games

Sports technology company - Paytmfirstgames - KreedOn
Image source: Economic Times

Paytm First Games is a gambling site where you can play for real money. As the name suggests, it comes courtesy of a leading e-commerce company, Paytm, which is famous for e-commerce, financial services, and an online payment method. The company was established in 2010 by CEO and founder of Paytm, Vijay Shekhar Sharma. Paytm First Games however was founded in 2018. Users can play games and receive cash prizes daily. Snake War, Ludo, Wheel of Fortune, Panda Stacking & 3 Cards and other games are available through the gateway. On the mobile platform, the application is available.


Sports Village - KreedOn
Image source: FB

Jitendra Joshi and Saumil Majmudar established SportzVillage, a sports company based in Bangalore, in 2003. It is one of the oldest sports companies in India and the largest provider of sports administration and instruction for schools and businesses. SportzConsult and EduSports are two of the startup’s sponsors, and it provides sports marketing, ticketing and infrastructure providers. And thanks to its funding, the startup has created an ecosystem of partnerships with federations, media, marketers and sponsors. SportzVillage is focused on the growing Indian fitness and health markets.


BalleBaazi - KreedOn

BalleBaazi is another India-based sports startup that was founded in 2017. It was launched in Delhi and is an online fantasy sports platform. It allows users to choose a match and form a team to participate in the game. They are given credit ratings based on their performance in the game. Users can provide their account information and withdraw funds at any time. Cricket, basketball, football and a variety of other sports are available on site.


Image source: History of Technology

Rooter is a Delhi-based networking site for sports enthusiasts that connects people who share common sports passions. Piyush Kumar founded the app in 2016. During the live event, it allows players to predict scores and events with their friends.

Each of the startup’s users is assigned a passion score, which is determined by an algorithm that monitors the user’s online activity and interaction with the app. Fans can also interact with other aficionados based on their passion score and location. Their application is available on Android and IOS platforms.

Sports app

SportsApp - KreedOn
Image source: Google Play

Shashank Mishra and Himanshu Nain founded SportsApp in 2018. It is a platform that has been compiled to make connecting with others as easy as possible. They can follow each other, exchange relevant opinions, receive notifications about upcoming events, sports job offers, and solicit sponsorships, among other things. Everyone on the SportsApp team has played sports at different levels and experienced the pain that the majority of athletes are witnessing today. So, the fundamental objective of this startup is to bring everyone together so that one can organize this sector and make this country a better sports nation.


XtremeZone India (@xtremezoneindia) / Twitter

Praveen Krishnaiah and Deepa Praveen established Xtreme Zone, one of India’s largest sports companies, in 2003. The company’s head office is located in Bangalore. It is the largest Indian company in the sports industry. Xtremezone is mainly about adventure sports. It provides cranes and towers for bungee jumping all over India, as well as paintball, BMX biking, zorbing, aid climbing and other fun activities. The startup’s goal is to bring amazing adventure sporting events to young people while providing them with safe, cost-effective and high-quality services. It provides professionals and adventure seekers with outdoor experiences.

BookMySports - KreedOn
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Sanjeev Sinha has developed BookMySports, a virtual sports platform that serves as a convenient interface between the general public and sports facilities for key sports like cricket, football, tennis, basketball, etc. Within minutes, users can book sports venues or create their own sporting events on the platform. Through their web-based platform, they hope to increase the capacity utilization of sports facilities in cities by connecting sports fans with them. The company offers a diverse set of products that span the entire sports industry value chain. Its services are currently available in six Indian cities.

KOOH Sports

Image source: Kreed On

KOOH Sports, founded by Prabhu Srinivasan and Susir Kumar in 2010, is one of India’s most famous sports startups. The head office of the company is in Mumbai. It is a global sports startup dedicated to providing sports education, innovation and training. The main objective of KOOH athletics was to instill sportsmanship in young people to encourage a healthy lifestyle. It also organizes initiatives in schools to encourage children to play sports.

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