Tangelo, a financial technology company, supports the partnership between Lealtad Verde and Tiendas OXXO by financing biorecycling machines

  • Value Green Lease, Tangelo’s financial product, offers preferential rates for environmentally friendly projects.
  • Lealtad Verde is a Mexican company specializing in the circular economy and the management of urban solid waste. Its new technological model is revolutionizing from Mexico old recycling model.
  • Lealtad Verde recently announced its partnership with Tiendas OXXO to promote the circular economy and the culture of recycling in Mexico.

MEXICO CITY, July 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Value Green Lease is a sustainable financing mechanism designed by Tangelo to finance environmentally friendly productive assets, such as electric or hybrid vehicles, wastewater treatment plants, solar panels or, in this case, biorecycling machines. Value Green Lease is a preferential rate product that supports projects with a positive environmental impact, in line with Tangelo’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.

“TO Tangelo, we are very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​funding projects that have a positive environmental impact. Our Value Green Lease product creates the right conditions for this type of initiatives and we hope that this project will create a domino effect allowing organizations from different sectors to access financial tools to implement sustainable development strategies,” said Ricardo Hoyo, Corporate Manager at Tangelo. He added: “With this partnership, we enable the circular economy promoting waste management, allowing the reintegration of recyclable materials into industrial processes..

Lealtad Verde recently announced a partnership with Tiendas OXXO to promote the culture of recycling among Mexicans and set a precedent in from Mexico circular economy. In March 2022the first phase of this initiative began with the installation of 30 biorecycling machines in OXXO stores in Mexico City and Monterreywhich can each collect up to 12 kg of PET bottles and 15 kg of aluminum, and are expected to reach up to 3,000 stores nationwide in the next 5 years with an investment of more than 500 million pesos.

Lealtad Verde has developed an integrated solution for the proper management, separation, classification, recovery, monetization and return of urban solid waste, in order to neutralize the carbon footprint. Using biorecycling machines, its circular economy model makes it an innovative project for the proper management of municipal solid waste.

This partnership has an important Socially Responsible Investment (ESG) component insofar as the biorecycling machines financed by Tangelo allow OXXO customers, when depositing their PET, HDPE bottles or aluminum cans, to obtain several advantages via the Lealtad Verde application such as: coupons, OXXO promotions and even Tlalicoins, the carbon footprint valuing the cryptocurrency that is part of #LealesAlPlaneta.

Lealtad Verde’s objective for this first year is to collect more than 9 million containers, which is equivalent to more than 187,200 kg of CO2, which translates into the planting of 1,260 trees or the elimination of emissions equivalent to 40,290 cars running for a year.

“Our goal is to neutralize our carbon footprint and we are very happy and proud that Tangeloa company that supports projects with a positive environmental impact, supports the Lealtad Verde project,” said Adrian SanchezCompany CEO.

Tangelo wants the projects it finances to contribute to countering the excessive production of waste by rethinking linear production in favor of a circular system, from the design and conceptualization of products to final disposal promoting recycling, redesign and reuse.

About Tangelo

Tangelo is a high-growth fintech company specializing in developing and scaling alternative credit products and services for individuals and businesses in Latin America. Using a proprietary technology platform and advanced data analytics capabilities, Tangelo manages a diverse portfolio of custom products including point-of-sale finance, supply chain finance, asset-based lending, credit scoring as a service and end-to-end white labeling. digital credit solutions for many industries.


FEMSA is a company that generates economic and social value through businesses and institutions and seeks to be the best employer and neighbor in the communities where it operates. It participates in retail through FEMSA Comercio, which includes the Proximidad division and includes OXXO, a chain of small-format stores; a Health Division which includes pharmacies and related activities; and a Fuels Division that operates the OXXO GAS chain of service stations. In the beverage industry, it operates Coca-Cola FEMSA, a public bottler of Coca-Cola products; and in the beer sector, it is a shareholder of HEINEKEN, a company present in more than 70 countries. In addition, through FEMSA Negocios Estratégicos, it offers logistics services, point-of-sale refrigeration solutions and plastic solutions to FEMSA companies and external customers. Through its Business Units, it employs approximately 300,000 people in 13 countries. FEMSA is a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability MILA Pacific Alliance Index, the FTSE4Good Emerging Index and the IPC Sustentable Index of the Mexican Stock Exchange, among other indices that assess its sustainability performance.

About FEMSA Proximity

FEMSA’s Proximidad Division generates economic and social value in the countries where it operates. It operates several small format distribution chains in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chileand Peru, including OXXO stores. It also operates service stations under the OXXO GAS brand in Mexico. Through its business units, FEMSA’s Proximidad division serves more than 13 million consumers every day and employs more than 160,000 employees, promoting inclusion, diversity and sustainability practices within its teams to operate in harmony with the planet, the community and the value chain.

About Lealtad Verde

Lealtad Verde is a Mexican company with more than 20 years of experience specializing in the circular economy and the management of urban solid waste. Through the Lealtad Verde application, developed by Mexican talents, it helps stimulate the economy by reinventing the recycling model, connecting and rewarding the good deeds of the community, with its loyalty program, and helping to counter the negative effects on the environment. www.lealtadverde.com


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