Swedish tech company Newton Nordic replaces entire board

After an immediate rally at Nordic Newtonthe company got rid of all the tray except Danjal Kanani. This means Emil Åkesson the chairman of the board of directors and Felix Lehner will no longer be members of the board of directors. Jocke and Jonna Lundell are also leaving. Instead, Daniel Daboczy and Martin Roos will step in.

“More info will come, we will solve the problems that existed,” wrote Danjal Kanani in an SMS Monday evening according to Breakit.

Martin Roos was previously associated with Ericsson, Seamless, Clavister and Nexam. As everyone knows, Daniel Daboczy was the founder and CEO of FundByMe for a long time until 2020. Now Daboczy is dabbling in a cryptocurrency project Influencio. According to his statement in the message to break itit has nothing to do with the current situation.

“Influencio has nothing to do with Newton or any of our other projects. … I will “always” work with Jocke and Jonna Lundell. said Daniel Daboczy.

As a technology company based in Linköping, Newton Nordic offers specialist products and provides support solutions for stabilizing and controlling moving cameras in the international television and film industry. Newton Nordic covers all internal research and development needs as well as manufacturing, sales and support.

Formerly called Intuitive Aerial, the company is one of Sweden’s leading technology start-up groups. The company develops aerial platforms for film cameras. Claiming to have been encouraged by advances in aviation technology in the region, Newton Nordic draws inspiration from unlimited camera movements in computer graphics.

Previously on Newton Nordic

The Swedish company is apparently experiencing a Deja Vu as it came close to renewing the board of directors after operating with significant losses a few months ago. The pair of influencers took over the listing of Newton Nordic. Newton Nordic’s principal owner, Capital Conquest, was on board with the idea of ​​going public via a reverse acquisition, led by the trio of influencers. But the company itself deemed it a bad decision.

norse newton“Unfortunately, there is also no indication that the current management of the company has

The ability to reverse negative development unless major changes are implemented in the business,” says Glenn Renhult, CEO of Capital Conquest.

At the time, Capital Conquest did not expect them to reverse the current situation. Nasdaq later opened an investigation and halted trading in Newton Nordic. Because they found Newton’s statement to be inaccurate since the new board took office.

“Nasdaq Stockholm has, as far as possible, also decided to suspend trading in all other instruments linked to the issuer. Order books will be emptied. For more information regarding this market notice, please contact the monitoring of issuers on Nasdaq Stockholm – reported on Nasdaq Stockholm AB First North Information.

Deja vu

“We will cooperate with Nasdaq in their investigation and at the same time strengthen our ability to provide accurate information in accordance with the regulations to which we are subject as a listed company,” said Emil Åkesson, president of Newton Nordic in the press release.

norse newton

The company agreed with the investigation. Still, it seems that they, Capital Conquest and the influencers weren’t fans of the board at that time. The board included Joakim and Jonna Lundell as well as Felix Lehner and Emil Åkesson in addition to CEO Danjal Kanani. Today, the company is once again experiencing difficulties with the board of directors. The influencer couple are leaving Newton Nordic. This could mean their dethronement of First North.

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