SullivanCotter Announces Creation of New Clinical Workforce Technology Company with Acquisition of Clinician Nexus

CHICAGO, June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SullivanCotterthe nation’s leading independent consulting firm in the evaluation and development of total compensation programs, workforce solutions and data products for the healthcare industry and nonprofit sector, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Clinician link – a clinical experience management technology company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Clinician Nexus is the creator of a powerful, collaborative platform that enables participating hospitals, healthcare systems, and educational institutions to co-manage medical, nursing, and allied health students as they go. gain clinical experience. Founded by Katrina Anderson, Bob Bryanand Tim Schttler in 2016, Clinician Nexus succeeded in connecting healthcare organizations with students to conduct meaningful clinical experiences with the goal of building a well-trained clinical workforce for tomorrow.

The acquisition of Clinician Nexus strengthens the company’s technology talent and enables the creation of two separate entities focused on serving different needs within the healthcare industry and the not-for-profit sector. SullivanCotter will continue to offer market-leading advisory and consulting services while Clinician Nexus will provide workforce and compensation management technology as well as automated workflow solutions designed to support supports every stage of the clinical workforce lifecycle ꟷ from planning and training to measuring, rewarding and driving performance. SullivanCotter’s Provider Performance Management Technology™ and Benchmarks360™ Pro and Plus platforms will now be delivered through Clinician Nexus.

“Powered by an industry-leading workforce data suite, advanced automation capabilities, and a commitment to helping customers shape the future of healthcare, we are excited to go to market with cutting-edge technology solutions to help them plan, build and improve their clinical workforce strategies,” said David Schwietzchief information officer, Nexus clinician.

With the ultimate goal of supporting the delivery of the best patient care, Clinician Nexus connects organizations with the critical technology, data, tools and resources needed to drive innovative clinical workforce strategies.

“With Clinician Nexus, we will be able to leverage SullivanCotter’s consulting experience and expertise to develop innovative software solutions, data products and analytics services for healthcare organizations. This will allow us to better support our customers by effectively and efficiently addressing current and future workforce needs as the industry continues to experience dramatic cultural and operational shifts,” said Ted DogPresident and CEO, SullivanCotter.

SullivanCotter will continue to provide consulting services and a comprehensive collection of proprietary benchmarking surveys, administered by Clinician Nexus, to healthcare and other nonprofit organizations under its own brand.

For more information about Clinician Nexus and its growing suite of technology products for clinical staff, please visit or contact us at 888.739.7039.

About Clinician Nexus

Clinician Nexus enables healthcare organizations to build successful clinician teams with cutting-edge technology products, workforce and compensation analytics, and automated workflow solutions. Leveraging deep technical expertise and cutting-edge data, we deliver innovative approaches to help customers plan, train and engage their clinical staff at every stage of the lifecycle. We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional guidance and support as they focus on shaping the future of healthcare.

About SullivanCotter

SullivanCotter partners with healthcare organizations and other nonprofits to understand what drives performance and improve results through the development and implementation of integrated workforce strategies . Using our proven methodologies and cutting-edge research and insights, we provide insights, expertise and data-driven solutions to help organizations align business strategy and performance goals, enabling our clients to achieve their mission. , their vision and their values.

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