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Canadian sports technology company 4iiii Innovations has announced a collaboration with Orbea, which will come standard with 4iiii left-side precision power meters on Orca Ultegra models.

Customers will also be able to upgrade to a 4iiii precision power meter on the Orca Aero and Ordu MyO or MyO Lite models.

“At Orbea, we strongly believe that a power meter can help many riders reach their full potential, train smarter and enjoy their ride more,” said Ander, Orbea Head of Brand and Communications. “For this reason, we have partnered with leading power meter manufacturer 4iiii to include power meters as an affordable option on many of our bikes.”

Orbea has fitted a variety of its bikes with a 4iiii precision power meter, allowing riders to improve and measure their cycling performance.

Phil White, President of 4iiii, said: “Orbea has been manufacturing bicycles for nearly a century and continues to be a leader in driving the cycling industry forward. We are excited to provide Orbea customers with an accurate and reliable power meter so riders can experience the benefits of training with power.

4iiii Left Side Precision Power Meters come standard on the following models:
– Orca M10i LTD PWR
– Orca M11e LTD PWR
– Orca M21e LTD PWR
– Orca M31e LTD PWR
– Orca M21e PWR TEAM
– Orca M20 PWR TEAM

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For €249, customers can upgrade to a 4iiii Left Side Precision Power Meter on specific Orca, Orca Aero and Ordu models:
– TEAM Orca M20i
– Orc M20
– Orca Aero M20i LTD
– Orca Aero M20 LTD
– Ordu M20i LTD
–Ordu M20 LTD

Based in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, 4iiii Innovations Inc. is a sports technology company dedicated to unlocking the potential of cyclists through intuitive training tools, including cycling power meters, heart rate monitors and cycling trainers for the outdoor and indoor cycling and fitness markets. .

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