SportGait, a brain-wellness tech company, scientist and board member named Stanford University’s Top 2% Scientist in the World

In addition to being on the list, Reynolds was ranked specifically in the top 1% of the world’s top scientists for the overall impact of their scientific work, which is a very honorable achievement. Dr. Cecil reynolds sits on the SportGait Board of Directors and is one of the scientists and authors of SportGait’s SAD Screener.

“It is an honor to be part of this group and it is a humility to be included in the company of so many other scientists whose work I know and respect so much,” said the board member and SportGait scientist, Dr. Cecil reynolds.

SportGait is a trusted medical technology platform that has recently been transformed into an easy-to-use app accessible on any mobile device. It offers athletes, coaches and parents access to a scientifically curated list of clinically proven assessments and concussion education. Users can perform symptom tests, walk tests, and cognitive tests in one program.

Dr. Cecil reynolds was a senior scientist in the development of the SAD Screener – one of the many assessments available on the SportGait app. SAD (Stress, Anxiety & Depression) screening goes hand in hand with brain well-being, giving users the ability to assess these symptoms in concussed and non-concussed athletes as a baseline at the start of a sporting season and a way to monitor the mental health of these athletes quickly and accurately.

“We want to support the overall safety of our athletes and give them and their parents and guardians the best tools. Therefore, it was natural for us to include the parent or guardian assessment of Dr. Reynolds SAD Screener for youth ages 8-18 and a self-assessment for those over 18 in our SportGait app, ”said Chris Newton, President and CEO of SportGait.

SportGait is proud of its mission to “lead with science” which is why we are honored to announce the achievement of Dr. Reynolds. Global recognition is a testament to the data-driven research and innovative thinking that goes into SportGait technology.

For more information on SportGait and the SAD tester developed by Dr. Reynolds, please visit here.

About SportGait
SportGait is a concussion support and recovery system that provides a scalable platform for medical providers, coaches and parents. Their range of assessments is best in class and is research-backed with the goal of connecting brain wellness with medical technology. The scientifically developed system helps and educates users to assess, monitor and effectively treat concussions. SportGait is a highly trusted source of medical technology and has been chosen to be the company-wide standard for concussion testing for one of the five largest hospital systems in the United States.

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