Salient Global Acquires Data Technology Company ICX Media and Its 100 Million Patented Enhanced Profiles™

ICX includes patented technology and algorithms that leverage proprietary data science and artificial intelligence to enrich audience and market segments with data from first, second and third-party sources. Using its proprietary data technology, ICX has created nearly 100 million unique rich profiles (and counting) that guide high-performance activation strategies across media buys, data and co-branding campaigns.

“We are building a set of solutions that not only helps CMOs and CCOs manage their data securely, but also enriches it to make it truly actionable for growth,” said the founder and CEO of Salient. Bryan Specht from CES 2022. “These patented technologies and profiles will bolster our agencies’ expert services and deliver the kind of impactful action brands are looking for from data-driven AI.”

Each of ICX’s Rich Profiles™ is characterized by CCPA-compliant demographic, psychographic, sentiment, interest, online behavior, cultural and other markers. ICX data is curated through a continuous dynamic enrichment capability that delivers highly current audience and market profiles that improve impact and increase return on marketing and media spend.

“This is a powerful combination of Salient’s strategic, creative, and customer experience services, combined with the intellectual property we’ve developed to deliver data-enriched audiences,” said the Founder and President of ICX. Michael Avon, who is also a managing partner at growth capital firm ABS Capital Partners. “ICX has seen success in programmatic and media channels, but this partnership unlocks significant new growth with Salient and its agencies.”

ICX and its patented intellectual property will be a key contributor to Salient Synapse™, a proprietary suite of data products designed to make sense of an increasingly complex range of data sources and drive greater growth for customers. Salient will invest in expanding the ICX intellectual property into additional product applications, as well as into international markets.

“ICX’s technology fills a major need for brands looking for a better way than the traditional 3rd the performance of third-party cookies, which will only become more critical in the so-called ‘cookie-free future’,” added Guy Cierzan, Chief Strategy Officer of Salient. “By enriching zero and first-party client datasets with ICX’s technology, we can deliver the kind of sustainable growth that no cookie-based audience targeting can provide.”

ICX joins the Salient Network, which includes a recently acquired experience and innovation company timekeeper and creative agency won Honeymoon, launched in November. Salient also has alliances with a network of specialist companies across the full marketing services and technology spectrum.

ICX’s clients include leading DSPs, corporations and media and entertainment agencies. Founder and Chairman of the Board of ICX Michael Avon will become an advisor to Salient and a member of the board of directors.

About Salient Global

Salient Global is a group of experts and partners bound together by a common passion for growing and enabling our clients’ businesses and their people to thrive while doing the same for our team, our communities and the world. We help businesses and individuals deliver creative data-driven solutions through meaningful human experiences. While others focus on finding relevance, we believe salience is the path to more natural, strategic, and sustainable growth.

Our model unites expert talent around a model of data science, digital experience and strategic consulting. Together, we deliver data-driven creativity, communications, marketing and innovation solutions designed for sustained growth. The Salient Global network includes a creative agency Honeymooncompany of experience and innovation timekeeper and data-rich media company ICX Media. Salient companies and partners operate at their individual highest levels in expert disciplines, each with its own promise, culture and identity, but tied to a suite of proprietary consulting and data products – Salient Synapse™ – as well as to a range of other growth platforms and tools.

Emily McMahon
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