Real-world data and technology company OM1 closes $ 85 million in funding to make healthcare more measured, accurate and preventive


OM1 partners with vendors, medical companies, payers and manufacturers to harness real-world data to advance medical research, assess health outcomes, obtain regulatory approvals, and personalize treatment in the areas of chronic diseases, such as dermatology, rheumatology, cardiology, gastroenterology, respiratory diseases, neuroscience and behavioral health. In addition to these efforts, OM1 is developing cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) models and solutions to find patients and predict outcomes.

“The use of real data for autoimmune and other chronic diseases has been limited, despite the fact that these diseases represent more than $ 1.6 trillion of health care spending in the United States alone, ”said Dr. Richard gliklich, CEO and founder of OM1. “With this funding, OM1 will expand our work by building robust real-world data networks that change the research paradigm and enable more precise processing.”

More and more healthcare actors, including regulators, payers and providers, are looking for concrete evidence to support outcome-based decision making. By organizing health information and applying AI technology, OM1 helps customers generate and use real-world evidence faster and more efficiently to gain regulatory approval, to understand efficacy, safety and the value of treatments, and to personalize care.

Daniel Sundheim, Founder of D1 Capital Partners, said, “We believe OM1 is at the forefront of innovation in the application of real-world data and AI in impactful ways. We are delighted to support their mission as they continue to expand their products with the goal of improving patient outcomes. “

OM1 was founded in 2015 by the management team of Outcome Sciences, the pioneering real-world research company, which was acquired in 2011.

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About OM1

With a focus on chronic disease, OM1 is a real-world data, outcomes and technology company that leverages big clinical data and AI to better understand, compare and predict patient outcomes. OM1’s real-world evidence platform, clinical registries and AI technologies enable customers to accelerate research, measure and compare health outcomes, and personalize patient care. Learn more at

About D1 Capital Partners
D1 Capital Partners is a global investment firm operating in the public and private markets. The company combines the talent and operational excellence of a large, leading asset management firm with the flexible tenure and long-term time horizon of a family office. Founded in 2018 by Daniel Sundheim, D1 focuses on investing in the global Internet, technology, telecommunications, media, consumer, healthcare, finance, industry and of real estate.

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