New phase in collaboration with the technology company Yeti Move


Yeti Move AS, which is currently developing a software platform for autonomous snow-clearing vehicles for airports, is ready to scale up its business to target new industries and new markets. As its operations now enter a new phase, its collaboration with Semcon changes orientation. Semcon will continue to be an important partner for Yeti Move in the development of stand-alone solutions, but cedes its stake in the company to Husqvarna.

Since its inception in 2015, Yeti Move AS has worked on the development of an autonomous vehicle control system for airport snow removal. The project was one of the first in the world in which large machines were adapted to autonomously keep airport runways free of snow. The joint venture then belonged to Semcon and Øveraasen, where Øveraasen brought its vast experience and in-depth technical knowledge of snow clearing equipment and Semcon has provided expertise in complex real-time systems and autonomous technology. Since 2018, autonomous snow-clearing vehicles have been tested at Oslo Airport in collaboration with the Norwegian airport operator Avinor and other vehicles will be put into service over the next few years. Yeti Move and Øveraasen also provide autonomous snow plows to Sweden, which owns and operates airports in Sweden.

Husqvarna became co-owner in 2019 and this partnership created the opportunity to move upmarket and industrialize the stand-alone solution for new uses. Substantial investments will be needed to expand the offer to new sectors and markets, and as activity intensifies, collaboration with Semcon also changes orientation. Semcon will continue to serve as a strategic development partner for Yeti Move, but cede its 33.2 percent stake in the company to Husqvarna.

“We are proud that our expertise in autonomous technology and complex real-time systems has helped Yeti Move become the company it is today. We are looking forward to continue positive and long-term cooperation where we can develop advanced technology, ”said Hans Peter Havdal, General manager Norway at Semcon.

Semcon does not expect the sale to have a significant financial impact on the Group.

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