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MARTINSBURG, West Virginia (WDVM) – In the eastern enclave of West Virginia, the Berkely County seat in Martinsburg takes stock of its potential and attracts entrepreneurs and business investors.

It is at the center of West Virginia’s fastest growing region, and investors are seeing its potential by opening their check books for properties that will contribute to the growth.

“The common thing I hear over and over again is that we are here from other areas, ‘Wow you know I drive in this area all the time and I never realized how some of these buildings are beautiful, ”said Robby Blair with Martinsburg Main Street.

Employers can be in all of these buildings. Even small investments like a local mom-and-pop store can pay off bigger.

“We’re starting to see businesses now, people coming to invest in downtown properties to open different types of businesses, little shops, bridal shops, cafes, new restaurants,” the mayor said. Kevin Knowles. “There’s a lot going on here in Martinsburg.

To attract even more capital, Blair and Mayor Knowles use the personal touch.

“You know we work closely with nonprofits, local businesses and also investors who come to the town of Martinsburg,” Knowles said. “Personally, myself, as mayor, I want to work with each of them, I want to meet them, I want to shake their hands.

Growing the residential base in the downtown core is a key strategy with more housing.

“We want more people to live downtown,” Blair said. “We want it to be a place where you can live, shop, have fun – you know, do all the things you would otherwise do elsewhere. And we are getting there.

Community events are becoming a big draw. The recent fall food truck festival was such a success that restaurants and retail stores were jam-packed. And Mayor Knowles says that as we hopefully get past the pandemic, more people will come out and he wants Martinsburg to be their “go-to” destination for eating, shopping and shopping. ‘have fun.


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