LLVision — Chinese AR Technology Company Won Netexplo Global Innovation Award at 15th UNESCO Netexplo Innovation Forum

This innovative product creatively solves the real-time communication problem of hearing impaired people, breaks down the barriers of the silent world, and helps them communicate with others face to face freely and confidently. More importantly, given that many people are wearing masks during the pandemic, allergy seasons, etc., this technology will be of great help to those who read lips.

Netexplo is an independent observatory that studies the impact of digital technology on society and business. It has been a partner of UNESCO since 2011. Each year, 2 to 3,000 innovations from all continents and from all walks of life are brought together with the assistance of the UNESCO Netexplo Committee, which is composed of renowned teachers and researchers in digital and related fields. Then, the Netexplo Observatory will select the 10 most outstanding winners, who represent the trend of digital innovation and will profoundly reshape our future. The award ceremony has been successfully held at UNESCO Headquarters for 15 years and enjoys international influence and authority. In 2021, Pan Jianwei, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and his quantum science satellite project won this award.

This award represents UNESCO’s recognition of LLVISION’s contribution to digital innovation. LLVISON Founder and CEO Mr. Fei WU expressed after the awards ceremony that he hoped AR technology would help build a much more disability-friendly society and pave the way for a more accessible world. . He also believes that China’s technological innovation will bring more surprises to the world.

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SOURCE Beijing LLVision Technology Co., LTD

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