Kompas launches $ 160 million venture capital fund


Kompas, a venture capital firm based in Copenhagen, Denmark, has launched a new $ 160 million seed fund focused on sustainability and technological innovation in the construction, real estate and manufacturing sectors .

Founded in November 2021 and led by partners Sebastian Peck and Talia Rafaeli, Kompas is an early stage venture capital firm that finances groundbreaking innovations that accelerate digital transformation and industrial automation in the built environment. The company supports a sustainable economy through innovative engineering solutions that reduce waste and CO2 emissions.

Sebastian Peck headed the VC branch of Jaguar Land Rover. Talia Rafaeli led investments on behalf of the VC branch of Porsche in Europe and Israel. Both have been frontline players in transforming the auto industry and have invested in digital disruptors like Lyft, Urgently, Otonomo and TriEye.

Fund I ($ 160 million) supports seed and Series A companies in Europe, Israel and North America in the following three areas:

  • Smart, sustainable and healthy homes – advanced materials, smart home technology, IoT and climate technology.
  • Business model and service innovation in real estate and construction – solutions for asset lifecycle optimization, architectural and building design, construction methods and improved customer experience
  • The digital enterprise – industrial automation, digital supply chain management, cybersecurity, enterprise software and the circular economy.

Kompas also has offices in Amsterdam and Tel Aviv.




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