John Deere to Acquire Autonomous Technology Company Bear Flag Robotics | Business and Economy


John Deere will acquire Bear Flag Robotics, an agricultural technology start-up that develops autonomous driving technology compatible with existing machines.

The $ 250 million agreement “accelerates the development and delivery of automation and on-farm autonomy and supports John Deere’s long-term strategy to create smarter machines with advanced technology to meet to individual customer needs, ”according to a press release.

“Deere sees self-reliance as an important step forward in enabling farmers to strategically harness their resources to feed the world and create more sustainable and profitable operations,” said Jahmy Hindman, chief technology officer at John Deere .

He said Bear Flag has proven that it can deliver advanced technological solutions to the market. Bear Flag has been part of Deere’s Startup Collaborator program since 2019.

The program was launched to improve Deere’s interaction with start-ups whose technology could add value to John Deere customers.

“One of the biggest challenges facing farmers today is the availability of a skilled workforce to carry out urgent operations that impact farming outcomes. Autonomy offers a safe and productive alternative to tackle this challenge head-on, ”said Igino Cafiero, co-founder and CEO of Bear Flag Robotics.

Bear Flag will remain in Silicon Valley.

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