International Center for Supplemental Instruction Announces Education Technology Company TEDU as Exclusive Software Provider


International Center for Further Education and EdTech Company Join Forces to Improve Existing Technology to Develop Impactful Solutions for Academic Staff and Students

MIAMI, August 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – TEDU, an education technology company with a business platform designed to replace outdated, expensive and inefficient tutoring infrastructure, has partnered with the International Center for Further Education (ICSI). TEDU’s technology offerings will enhance ICSI’s existing methodology and increase functionality across the organization as it continues to advance its unique, data-driven application designed to provide tools for managing and facilitating programs across the organization. Impactful and cost-effective supplemental instruction (SI) for academic staff and students.


TEDU’s SI platform automatically collects and generates valuable data analytics, providing universities with real-time information that allows them to refine the curriculum and academic methodology. This offers administrators a host of benefits, including automated session creation based on student and leader availability, and flexible integration through Blackboard, Canvas, and Ellucian systems for seamless setup. Direct integration for automatic registrations and uploading of accreditation data required by ICSI and more is also available.

SI was created by the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 1973 as a non-corrective approach to learning that promotes student success by integrating “what to learn” with “how to learn”. Partnering with TEDU helps reduce many of the challenges staff face in delivering a SI program, while providing more inclusive accessibility and functionality to students. TEDU will also be integrated into ISCI training seminars from January 2022.

“By partnering with TEDU, we will continue to best support students, administrators and universities during this pivotal time in education,” says Julie collins, Executive Director of the International Center for Further Education. “One of the unique things that makes SI effective is that it targets high-risk courses rather than high-risk students. By integrating the key data points provided by TEDU technologies, universities will benefit greatly by maximizing their IS budget while ultimately improving student retention. “

With centralized access for students and leaders via TEDU’s personalized mobile and web app, administrators are able to optimize the availability of IS sessions with integrations through the course schedule of their school management system. ‘learning, screening sessions and delegating in-person or integrated video conferences, which is often the case. tedious and frustrating academic barrier in a transparent, cost-effective and automated process.

“The loss of learning due to COVID has been a major problem for administrators and students,” says Nicolo bates, CEO of TEDU. “We developed our software in response to these frustrations and came up with a solution that alleviates the challenges and provides administrators and students with a cost-effective and efficient solution. By becoming ICSI’s proprietary SI program management software, we are able to bring our solution to as many universities as possible around the world. “

TEDU’s partnership with ICSI includes exclusive discounts for universities affiliated with the ICSI organization: 15% discount on annual license fees for universities trained with ICSI and 25% discount for ICSI accredited universities.

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About TEDU
TEDU Inc. is a Miamieducation technology business platform for the education industry established by South floridabased entrepreneur Nicolo bates in 2018. TEDU was designed to replace outdated, expensive and inefficient university tutoring infrastructure with sophisticated software solutions that reduce program facilitation costs, generate valuable data and analysis while serving students 24/7 / 7. This 360-degree approach allows students to receive instructional support from their university anytime, anywhere, and not just during available business hours. The data and analysis collected from the TEDU platform provides powerful information to adjust the curriculum and teaching methodology for a more effective learning experience.

About the International Center for Further Education
Supplementary Instruction, or SI, is a specific method of peer-led group study implemented in colleges and universities across United States and around the world. Developed in the early 1970s at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC), SI has been shown to be effective in improving student grades in historically challenging courses, improving retention, and improving graduation rates. The International Center for Further Education (ICSI) was then established in the early 1980s at the UMKC to provide training and support to institutions wishing to implement SI or strengthen their SI programs. ICSI is the only source for training IS supervisors in United States, is the accreditation body for SI programs in United States, and serves as a hub for the international proliferation of the SI model by collaborating with national centers in Sweden, Australia, South Africa, and Canada. Over the past ten years, ICSI has provided training to more than 1,500 institutions representing 34 countries.

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