Icelandic sports and team tech company secures €3.7m in post-seed funding

Reykjavik-based Abler raised €3.7 million in a post-seed funding round. Abler is a sports management technology company and creator of Jock, a team and calendar management application that simplifies all communication, planning and organization by digitizing and dramatically increasing the efficiency of managing and facilitating organized sports programs. The tour was led by Frumtak Enterprises, an Icelandic venture capital firm. With a 95% market share in Iceland, the company aims to strengthen its influence both in the Scandinavian region, in the United Kingdom and in the United States. This investment will also help the company expand its product line.

Abler’s product family connects all stakeholders and allows parents and guardians to register and pay for various activities, such as league football, handball, gymnastics and dance, as well as buy products associated with the team brand. At the league and team management level, program organizers and coaches leverage Sportabler’s comprehensive management tools to dramatically improve the administration of team sports and other organized activities. These administrative features include roster management, event management, venue reservations, resource utilization, logistics, e-commerce, contact and communication between parents, coaches and league officials.

“Abler’s vision is to enhance good sports programs and improve the working environment for an industry that plays a vital role in communities,” said Markus Mani Mauteco-founder of Abler and former professional handball player in Iceland and Germany. “Sport improves the overall physical, mental and social health of communities, and we believe that strengthening the organizations that run these programs is key to increasing interest and participation.”

To achieve these goals, Abler has partnered with top experts in sports, psychology and academia to develop its products and services. The company has already captured over 95% of the organized sports market in Iceland and is currently running pilot programs for youth league football and handball in the UK and Germany. While the system was originally designed for sports, Abler now serves a much wider audience of organized groups that benefit from Abler’s member management features, such as fitness centers, music schools, and others. organized activities. It will use the new capital to continue to develop the Abler family of products and deepen its reach in Nordic, UK and European markets.

Abler, Frumtak Ventures, Svana Gunnarsdottir“Abler is digitizing the industry and serving everything from youth community sports to elite clubs. It’s an industry ripe for modernization, and Abler is doing it in a way that promotes physical and social health and well-being in communities around the world,” said Svana Gunnarsdottirmanaging director of Frumtak Ventures.

“The Abler team has significant expertise in the development of professional sports and youth programs and has combined this knowledge with the most advanced technologies to create fantastic new market opportunities.”

Abler has previously received angel investments from notable gaming and technology investors Alli Ottarsson (Makers Fund, Riot Games), Siggi Olafsson (Novator, CCP Games), Thor Fridriksson (Plain Vanilla, TeaTime, Rocky Road) , as well as professional footballers Birkir Bjarnason and Alfreð Finnbogason, handball coaches Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson and Dagur Sigurdsson. It has received grants and support from the Icelandic Technical Development Fund, the Innovation Center of Iceland and the Icelandic Directorate of Health.

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