Husqvarna invests in nanobubble technology company Moleaer

Husqvarna Group has invested US$7.5 million in Moleaer, a nanobubble technology company that designs and manufactures industrial-scale nanobubble systems for chemical-free water treatment enhancement, production sustainable food and the recovery of natural resources.

Moleaer is the seventh investment from the Husqvarna Group venture capital fund. By investing in the company, Husqvarna Group will be able to explore the potential of nanobubble technology to address water scarcity.

“This investment allows Husqvarna to discover new opportunities resulting from technology that addresses key sustainability challenges in relevant areas, such as agriculture and horticulture,” says Mark Johnson, who leads Husqvarna’s Corporate Ventures.

Henric Andersson, President and CEO of Husqvarna Group, said Moleaer is a perfect fit for Husqvarna.

“To always stay at the forefront, we are selectively investing in disruptive technologies and products that can further strengthen the Husqvarna Group,” he said.

Moleaer CEO Nick Dyner said Husqvarna shares the same passion for innovation and sustainability, adding that the two companies look forward to working together to meet the need for products to help industries adapt to new realities. climate change and protect vital resources.

“This investment allows us to expand our presence in Europe and accelerate the development of more products and innovations that help industries protect the environment and use water more efficiently,” he said. declared.

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