Huawei pledges to boost investment



Mr. Chawapol (left) and Mr. Deng introduce themselves to the Huawei press meeting held yesterday.

Huawei Technologies Thailand, the local unit of Chinese technology power, is committed to boosting investment in Thailand under the leadership of its first president to support the digital transformation of customers, ensure a penetration rate of the 5G of at least 10% this year and play a role participate in the production of 100,000 digital talent.

The company appointed Chawapol Jariyawiroj president of Huawei Technologies Thailand in February. The former country manager of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Thailand has 27 years of experience in the ICT industry, including five years in the cloud computing segment.

This is the first time the company has appointed someone as president of Huawei Technologies Thailand.

Mr. Chawapol is in charge of four business units: mobile devices, 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) / cloud as well as the enterprise solutions business, which aims to support the digital transformation of customers.

“We see the opportunity for a digital transformation in Thailand, which has accelerated 5-7 years faster due to the pandemic,” Abel Deng, CEO of Huawei Technologies Thailand, said yesterday at a conference. hurry. “Even in the crisis there is an opportunity for us.”

Following the appointment of Mr. Chawapol, Mr. Deng will continue to oversee the overall strategies of the company’s operations in Thailand to ensure digital momentum in the household, corporate and government sectors.

“We continue to have a commitment in Thailand, which is one of the company’s strategic countries globally and ASEAN. We will make long-term investments.”

Mr Deng said the investment plans included spending 700 million baht to build a third data center in Thailand by the third quarter to support industry and cloud services as well as small and medium-sized businesses. companies (SMEs).

“Thailand ranks first in ASEAN for 5G adoption with 10,000 telecom base stations, achieving 5G penetration of 2-3%,” Deng said.

The company aims to expand 5G use cases across multiple industries, including industries, healthcare, ports and logistics, and businesses “to bring 5G penetration to 10% of the population this year.” , did he declare.

Mr. Deng said the company will soon announce the Huawei Asean Academy in the Eastern Economic Corridor, where it will work with strategic partners to train 100,000 digital talents.

He is also leading a corporate responsibility project to help small villages move forward digitally through e-commerce training.

“This year, we have been operating for 22 years now and we will continue to commit to making Thailand a digital hub in the region,” Deng said.

Mr. Chawapol said Huawei is ready to provide end-to-end solutions to customers.

“By having a customer-centric mindset, we will deliver solutions to help customers digital transformation faster. “


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