Holman’s venture capital division invests in Orbee

Holman loves Orbee as one of its solution providers so much that the global automotive services organization decided to invest its venture capital division in the company, which provides the automotive industry with data management solutions. , marketing analytics and automation.

Holman noted in a press release that Orbee’s innovative digital marketing platform can provide car dealerships with comprehensive consumer insights and analytics, helping users better understand customer behavior and enabling them to offer a engaging shopping experience.

“Our relationship with Orbee began as a customer as we explored opportunities to further enhance our ability to provide an intuitive, personalized and seamless customer experience across our family of Holman dealerships,” said Bill Cariss, President and Chief Operating Officer. management of Holman Growth Ventures. . “It quickly became clear that Orbee’s powerful technology could both optimize and simplify customer engagement efforts at every phase of the buying journey: research, purchase and post-sale.

“This made aligning with Orbee in the form of a strategic capital investment a natural next step and we are excited to help support the continued growth of the business,” Cariss continued in the press release.

Orbee reiterated that its proprietary technology can deliver a suite of fully integrated digital marketing tools that can allow users to leverage “unparalleled” data intelligence to optimize campaigns and personalize the shopping experience for each customer.

Orbee co-founder and CEO Atul Patel said its powerful single-source platform can also enable automotive retailers to streamline their tech stack, further enhance their CRM capabilities, integrate with… other critical dealership systems and seamlessly sync behavioral data across their entire dealership. band.

“Our team continues to develop the most robust technology that consolidates and integrates modern marketing functions into a single, enterprise-grade system,” Patel said. “We have enjoyed working with Holman as a forward-thinking customer as they embrace the use of digital marketing technology to achieve new levels of customer experience.

“And now, we’re thrilled that Holman is investing in our vision to help dealerships accelerate their marketing transformation as their consumer behaviors and expectations evolve,” continued Patel.

In addition to providing a more personalized shopping experience, Orbee’s technology can help automotive dealerships be more effective in their marketing efforts and communicate more effectively with their customers through a variety of automated processes.

In addition, Orbee also has patent-pending technology that can allow dealers to regain control of their first-party data while making it easier to comply with the stringent data security and privacy regulations of today’s consumers. today, as well as increasingly stringent regulations on the horizon. .

“The way consumers purchase automotive vehicles and services has changed dramatically in recent years. Today, the customer’s decision to buy is typically made long before they set foot in a dealership, so providing an engaging digital shopping experience in an increasingly competitive market is crucial,” said Gene. Welsh, president of automotive retail at Holman.

“We believe this truly unique platform has significant potential in a rapidly changing automotive landscape and we look forward to working with Orbee as the company continues to introduce its innovative technology to dealerships across the country,” continued Welsh. .

To learn more about Orbee’s digital marketing solutions for automotive retailers, visit Orbee.com. For more information about Holman and the organization’s wide range of integrated automotive services, visit Holman.com.

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