Foresight Analytics Partners with DiligenceVault to Generate Investment Insights


Leading Investment Analytics Provider Selects DiligenceVault Platform to Strengthen Due Diligence Capabilities

NEW YORK – December 8, 2021 – (

DiligenceVault, a digitally-driven due diligence technology platform for asset owners, beneficiaries, service providers and fund managers, today announced its partnership with Foresight Analytics, an independent provider based in Sydney of investment due diligence, data analysis and advisory services.

By centralizing their research and workflows on the DiligenceVault platform, Foresight will enhance its survey analytics offering to institutional investors and the wealth management community. The resulting efficiency and transparency will enable Foresight to deliver unprecedented quantitative and qualitative information on third-party managers, investments, and operational and ESG factors.

Foresight Analytics Founder and CEO Jay Kumar said, “Evidence-based research, grounded in forensics and human insight, is the foundation of Foresight’s analytical process. Our partnership with DiligenceVault adds significant scalability and efficiency to our investment diligence, operational and ESG diligence offerings. With the increasing digitization of managerial due diligence in the industry, DiligenceVault has carved out a global competitive advantage, and we are delighted to partner with them and pass the efficiency benefits on to our clients and other stakeholders. “

“Foresight Analytics has quickly grown its footprint and we are excited to provide a solution that truly meets their needs,” said Monel Amin, Founder and CEO of DiligenceVault. “Through our collaboration, DiligenceVault’s market-leading due diligence technology, coupled with Foresight’s in-depth analytical research, will deliver significant benefits to their clients.

About DiligenceVault

DiligenceVault is the industry leader in providing a comprehensive due diligence technology platform for asset owners, beneficiaries, service providers and fund managers. Today, more than 30,000 users are leveraging DiligenceVault to digitize and streamline their due diligence framework, moving away from previously manual intensive, error-prone, and costly due diligence processes. DiligenceVault is trusted by leading global asset distributors including Goldman Sachs Asset Management, NEPC, Shadmoor Advisors, Universities Superannuation Scheme, UTIMCO, Frontier Advisors and Wells Fargo. Founded in 2014, the company offers a global support engagement with teams in New York, London, Singapore and India. For more information on DiligenceVault, please visit:

About prospective analysis

Foresight Analytics is an independent Sydney-based company providing investment due diligence, data analysis, research and advisory solutions to the region’s leading investment management firms, pension funds and wealth groups. Asia Pacific. Foresight’s innovative, evidence-based analytical approach combines human and forensic information to deliver unique insights to investors. Foresight Analytics was founded in 2015 by Jay Kumar, a former executive with Morningstar, Optimix Investment Management, ANZ Wealth & Private Bank and the Reserve Bank of Fiji. Foresight’s fiduciary solutions include due diligence services (investment, operations, ESG due diligence, risk diligence), data analysis, portfolio allocation research and advice. Foresight’s fund strategy solutions include data analytics for asset managers, fund strategy benchmarking solutions, and strategic research. For more information on Foresight Analytics, please visit:

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Foresight Analytics Partners with DiligenceVault to Generate Investment Insights


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