Ficolo will support HPC installation by a major US technology company

HELSINKI, January 18, 2022 — ficolo, a leader in climate-neutral data center services, today announced that it will provide colocation services for a high-density supercomputing infrastructure platform at ficolo‘s The Air Data Center in Helsinki for one of the largest technology companies in the United States. This brings an exceptional level of security to the platform and supports it, allowing users to secure and scale unique cutting-edge services for innovation.

“After evaluating the region’s leading suppliers, we were selected for this venture due to The Air’s ingenuity and climate-friendly design,” said ficolo CEO Seppo Ihalainen. “This, combined with the cool climate and well-connected northern location, has positioned ficolo as the ideal candidate to provide colocation services for this platform. In addition, our team is always ready to act quickly and meet the specific needs of each client, which allows us to meet the unique requirements required by this project. »

Ficolo The Air uses the latest technological innovations in cooling, active fire protection, heat reuse and flexible energy distribution. Combined Power and Cooling Cells (CECC) offer an energy efficient and low PUE solution. The data center’s UPS system and generators ensure uninterrupted power supply, and the cell-based design allows for adaptive scalability as CECC units can be installed as capacity grows. This makes it possible to provide a combination of services for different types of customers from the same white space.

A leader in sustainability, ficolo is the first and only data center company to achieve the Dark Green rating, the highest rating awarded by the Norwegian climate research institute Cicero. The dark green rating is assigned to projects that fit the long-term vision of a low-carbon, climate-resilient future and was awarded to ficolo as part of the raising of a Green Bond in 2019.

“Traditional data centers don’t offer the level of flexibility needed to meet today’s demands for durability, speed, versatility and cost-effectiveness, but we’re always looking for ways to improve,” said ficolo CEO Seppo Ihalainen. “We also have the advantage of Finland’s cool climate, which helps us provide the most cost-effective, innovative and sustainable service. We look forward to delivering on that promise in this company and in the future for hyperscalers around the world. »

Ficolo focuses entirely on data centers and cloud infrastructure services, allowing customers to focus on core initiatives and scale infrastructure to meet growth demands. Ficolo’s data centers offer ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and PCI DSS certified services for HPC, wholesale and hyperscale operations.

About Ficolo

Ficolo provides hyperscale, HPC and enterprise colocation as well as cloud infrastructure, cloud networking and hybrid cloud management. Founded in 2011, Ficolo is the first large-scale colocation company in the Nordics with third-party climate-neutral certification. ficolo Finnish data centers are built for sustainability; the cool northern climate and the stable location allow ficolo to provide all the components required to deliver global cloud services, from colocation space to industry-leading connectivity and security services. ficolo is backed by the world’s first dark green rated green bond awarded to a data center company. To learn more about Ficolo, visit

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