Education Technology Company Sketchy Expands Management Team, Forms Advisory Board


LOS ANGELES, July 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Wave, the education technology company with a mission to make learning unforgettable for all, has expanded its leadership team and established an advisory board as the company continues to grow tremendously. Additions include Product Manager Trevin Chow, which joins a recent hiring wave that also brings talent from many digital entertainment and education companies to Sketchy. He recently came from Nike as Director of Products, Digital Coaching and Athlete Experiences. Prior to Nike, Chow held leadership roles at Microsoft and Axon, where he led teams creating transformational products in e-commerce, security, connected fitness, and the justice system.

Advisor additions include Shiva Rajaraman, vice president of commerce (stores) at Facebook, and Stephen davis, director of content and former executive vice president at Hasbro. Rajaraman specializes in helping people discover the products they love through the designers and communities they admire. Previously, he was CTO at WeWork and VP of Product at Spotify, where he introduced new formats including podcasts and custom playlists. Davis has created some of the world’s most profitable omnichannel brand franchises, with extensive experience delivering direct-to-consumer content. He also serves on the board of directors of UCLA’s health system affiliates, Operation Mend, which focuses on healing war wounds, and The Rape Treatment Center.

Sketchy, which helps students thrive even when faced with a 24/7 level of pressure, every test counts, uses innovative animated videos to help students better retain complex information. Sketchy reports that 77% of all medical students in the United States use their program over a four-year period as a study guide and to prepare for their exams. Sketchy uses the “loci method”, an ancient Greek technique that creates spatial relationships between key information using symbols. This way of learning has been shown to be scientifically superior (see research published in Scientists progress, March 2021), and has been used by brilliant people for centuries.

“We are thrilled with these additions to the Sketchy family which bring an incredible depth of experience and will help us grow and seek new opportunities,” said Sketchy President Andrew Sugerman and Co-Founder and CEO. Saud Siddiqui in a joint statement. “The new advisory board includes people who will guide specific areas of our business based on their expertise.”

The company received $ 30 million funded in 2020 by TCG and Reach Capital and is preparing for a big back-to-school season. Sketchy is well positioned for continued success, as student interest in attending medical school is growing rapidly by 18% year-over-year, according to the Association of American Faculties of Medicine (AAMC).

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About Sketchy
Sketchy is an online visual learning platform that helps students effortlessly learn and remember information through a blend of art, history, spaced repetition, and memory palaces techniques. . Founded in 2013 by four medical students, Sketchy believes in a redesigned education system, better access to knowledge and developing the potential of each person through learning. It’s the go-to visual year-round learning companion for students who are tasked with keeping an overwhelming amount of information, and features top-notch material briefed by the brightest leaders in every field. The sketchy sketches combine art, expertise and symbols to reflect the key elements of the lesson so that viewers can remember the information forever. TCG and Reach Capital invested $ 30 million in the company in 2020. For more information, visit

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