Could this ethical tech company be as revolutionary as Tesla?


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Internet is down. What was once a wonderful invention that dramatically connected the world in unimaginable ways has now found its infinitely large mansion with bugs in the foundation, bats in the belfry, and trolls in the basement.

Some of the biggest issues with the Internet are the exploitation of user data and fairness to content providers and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

In the case of user data or modern gold, there is a growing awareness of being manipulated. It’s the central theme of Netflix’s popular documentary “The Social Dilemma”, and a common rallying cry from pundits and politicians. Tech giants like Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL), Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) and Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) have been accused of abusing data and unfairly exploiting their monopolies.

User concern has been more apparent with the latest version of Apples (NASDAQ: AAPL) iOS 14.5 with application tracking transparency. The update requires apps to specifically ask users for permission to track their activity on other companies’ apps and websites. According to Flurry Analytics, among 2.5 million daily active mobile users, only around 4% of US iOS users and around 11% of iOS users worldwide consent to be tracked.

Advertising technology is another major problem as it disrupts user activity and affects the visibility of SMEs. Today, even if an SME offers better quality goods or services, it seems redundant if the company does not have a massive advertising budget. Big organizations are offering outrageous amounts for top performing keywords and paying top dollar to improve their search engine optimization (SEO) metrics to rank on Google.

Companies like Google and Facebook get a lot of revenue from advertising, so they are very unlikely to change their model.

This begs the question: Can ethical technology solve the big tech problem?

A company certainly seems to think so.

Make the internet awesome again

Bubblr (OTCMKTS: BBLR) has come up with a solution that could change everything we know about the internet. The company was founded in 2015 by its CTO, Steve Morris, with the goal of transforming the internet’s economic ecosystem to operate fairly, ethically and efficiently for users, content providers. and online providers.

Bubblr has a unique patent, approved by the USPTO, which promotes a transparent and sustainable market and rewards authenticity. It encourages a user to search the Internet for goods and services on an anonymous and secure website.

With this design, the platform promotes and rewards high-level content appropriately, offers SMEs the opportunity to compete at a fraction of the current costs of ad technology, and allows users to monitor and judge whether the outcome of research meets their needs.

Bubblr is also working with its patent agent on a sister research patent. This new patent is specifically designed for Internet research, for informational purposes only. It has a user interface optimized only for mobile devices. Unlike current search engines like Google, the new patent will present high quality search results quickly and efficiently without having to go through the results of search pages.

Take the first principle approach

The most radical gradual changes in the journey of mankind have been attributed to the first principles approach – breaking complicated problems down to their bases, then reassembling them from scratch. Simply put, you forget what has been, erase what is supposed, and ask questions based on your desire for what is possible.

Many great thinkers, including inventor Johannes Gutenberg, military strategist John Boyd, and former philosopher Aristotle, have used this reverse engineering approach. But no one embodies the philosophy of first principles more effectively than entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Musk created SpaceX when he found a way to launch a rocket by slashing the price almost 10 times while making a profit. He used first principles thinking to reduce the situation to its fundamentals, bypass the high prices of the aerospace industry, and create a more efficient solution.

Musk used the same principle in his most valuable endeavor, You’re here (NASDAQ: TSLA) and has almost single-handedly led the clean energy shift in the automotive market by making electric vehicles (EVs) popular. What was once seen as a revolution that many thought would fail is now the fastest growing and most valuable automotive brand in 2021, with a value growth rate of 157.6% and market capitalization stock market of more than 600 billion dollars.

Bubblr has adopted the same principle design technique for its products by taking a well-established design paradigm (internet search) and redesigning the design to exploit the new capabilities of the latest technology, especially mobile devices.

Considering the influence of tech giants in our lives, the prospect of a whole new internet is exciting. For Bubblr, the combination of its two research patents may position the company to be a new and unique player in today’s Internet search markets, which are currently worth more than $ 100 billion in the United States.

Bubblr’s next-generation mobile ecosystem is now a business to watch as it sets out to create a revolution comparable to Tesla’s achievement in the automotive industry.

To learn more about Bubblr, visit their website here.

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