Cathay has selected Canadian health technology company Sprout Wellness Solutions to power its wellness journey within the Cathay lifestyle app.

cathay members can now directly earn reward miles daily by connecting wearable devices and tracking healthy behaviors

TORONTO, February 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – cathay, that of Hong Kong premium travel and lifestyle brand, selected a Canadian health technology company, Sprout Wellness Solutionsto feed his very first cathay wellness trip. cathay is also in partnership with Cigna to distribute premium health coverage and incorporate Sprout’s health science into a new health insurance proposition – the Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan. This will reward customers for reaching healthy daily goals including exercise, sleep, nutrition and more.

cathay opens a new frontier of health and wellness for members by launching a new virtual health companion within the cathay lifestyle app. Cathay’s wellness travel rewards hong kong-based Marco Polo Club and Asia Miles members with miles as they take action to change positive behavior and improve their health and well-being. Powered by Sprout Wellness Solutions, members can now earn miles every day by reaching their daily wellness goals – without having to spend a dollar.

“Cathay” is a new premium travel lifestyle brand launched by Cathay Pacific in 2021 that aims to bring together everything people love about travel with everyday lifestyle, including spending, restaurants, shopping, hotels and wellness. Initially, “Cathay” will only be available in hong kong while Cathay Pacific, the international airline brand, will continue to be the brand in the rest of the world.

Cathay’s Customer Lifestyle Director Paul Smith said, “At Cathay, we are trusted to help people get ahead in life. With Wellness, we aim to empower our members to make the most of what lies ahead and go beyond what they previously thought possible. can be difficult. We want to help our members by encouraging and rewarding positive lifestyle habits that will lead to better quality of life and better health outcomes. With our new virtual companion, we aim to remove the barriers they face when striving to elevate their lives.”

“Sprout Wellness Solutions is proud to be the health technology partner that powers Cathay’s brand new wellness journey. As an industry leader, cathay is writing a new chapter in creating meaningful, personalized experiences and we’re excited to help their members lead happier, healthier lives,” said Neeraj Sharma, CEO of Sprout Wellness Solutions. “Sprout Wellness Solutions has been powering global health and wellness for over a decade and we have seen a significant shift in the way organizations are prioritizing wellness over the past 24 months. We are convinced that this innovative initiative of cathay will continue to fuel positive change in the way businesses support the health and happiness of their customers across all industries.”

Sprout Wellness Solutions is a health technology company that enables organizations to embrace wellness and improve the health and happiness of every user. Backed by 25 years of academic research and built using its proprietary Sprout Open Health™ API, Sprout uses machine learning and cognitive-behavioral science to give users scientifically validated personal health scores while offering meaningful health and wellness experiences.

Cathay’s wellness journey marks the first time that cathay launched a health and wellness solution that is not transaction-based. This partnership and unique use of Sprout Open Health API™ marks a major shift in how brands interact and engage their customers, adding a new level of health and wellness to the customer experience. With a new virtual companion, cathay aims to break down the barriers customers face and reward them with miles as they strive to become healthier, happier people.

The wellness journey

Cathay’s wellness journey is a new and innovative feature within the cathay lifestyle app. Powered by Sprout Wellness Solutions, it’s designed to make developing daily exercise, healthy eating and mindful habits more rewarding.

Each registered user1 receives a personal health score, which is calculated based on a combination of self-reported health survey responses and health data captured through connected wearable devices and manual activity tracking. Based on their health score and account status, members can enjoy exclusive offers and bonuses, as well as engaging health and wellness content from top-notch experts to help them on their journey. Users can also choose to receive healthy behavior reminders and connect their wearable devices to the Wellness Journey, allowing for seamless activity tracking and encouragement as members improve their healthy habits and reach their goals. health.

Members can earn up to 7 miles a day by completing six daily goals to improve certain aspects of their mind, body, and diet, such as completing 10,000 steps a day, doing 20 minutes of yoga, eating enough fruits and vegetables, get at least 7 hours of sleep, and more – all without spending a dollar. New Wellness Journey users also get 100 miles2 at the end of the profile when they first receive their personal health score.

Meanwhile, there are even more rewards available to policyholders under a Cigna Cathay health insurance policy, who can earn five times the miles when they reach their daily goals with the Wellness Track. be high, allowing them to earn up to 12,775 miles per year.

cathayCigna and Sprout share their respective visions to help hong kong people improve their health and well-being. Both Asia Miles member survey by cathay and the Cigna 360 Well-Being survey recently highlighted the importance of health and well-being to hong kong population, who may find it difficult to prioritize their well-being in their busy lives.

The program will take place in January 2022 for Cathay’s hong kong members.


To join the Cathay Wellness Journey, you must be at least 18 years old and currently residing in Hong Kong with a registered Asia Miles account with a Hong Kong phone number (+852) and a Hong Kong address. Please download the Cathay app, select your location in Hong Kong SAR and access the Wellness Journey registration portal(s)


From now until April 10, 2022 with a limited quota.

About Sprout Wellness Solutions

Sprout Wellness Solutions is a health technology company that enables organizations to embrace wellness and improve the health and happiness of every user. Backed by 25 years of academic research and powered by our proprietary Sprout Health Engine™, Sprout uses machine learning and cognitive-behavioral science to deliver personalized user experiences and drive engagement, loyalty and health and overall well-being of each user by measuring and rewarding healthy behavior.

Available as Sprout At Work™, our holistic enterprise wellness solution, or the Sprout Open Health™ API, designed to enrich new and existing consumer applications, Sprout brings health and wellness to the masses. . To learn more, please visit

On cathay

cathay is a premium travel lifestyle brand that brings together everything we love about travel with our everyday lifestyle. The range of products and services includes flights, hotels, shopping, restaurants, wellness and credit cards. All of our travel lifestyle offers are designed to provide customers with exciting offers, unmissable rewards, meaningful experiences and hand-picked partners.

Flights are operated by Cathay Pacific, the national airline of hong kong and founding member of the aworld global alliance. The Cathay group also includes HK Express, Air Hong Kong (a specialized cargo airline) and various subsidiaries. We are a member of the Swire Group and are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE) as a public company.

For 75 years, Cathay Pacific has connected our hometown of hong kong in the world. Now we’re bringing that connection to more of our customers’ lives. The new era of cathay elevates every bite, every stroke, every step, every stay, and every flight to greater heights.

About Cigna Worldwide Life Insurance Company Limited and Cigna Worldwide General Insurance Company Limited (Cigna Hong Kong)

Since 1933, Cigna Hong Kong has been providing insurance solutions in the right place at the right time, advising clients throughout the different stages of their life journey. Cigna provides comprehensive health and wellness solutions to employers, employees and individual customers. Backed by an extensive global healthcare network, Cigna provides group medical benefits tailored to international companies with a global workforce, but also offers tailored and packaged group medical insurance plans for small businesses. and medium-sized local companies that meet the specific needs of the company and its employees. For individual customers, Cigna offers a comprehensive range of health insurance products that meet the diverse needs of consumers. For more details, please visit


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