BAM™ to become a standalone technology company to accelerate the scale and expansion of its patented marketing data analytics products with a focus on AI and automation

TORONTO, August 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – In a significant evolution of its business, Mass Minority, a North American pioneer in the integration of analytical and creative services, is transforming its multi-patented marketing intelligence platform, BAM™, into a autonomous based in Austin and Toronto.

The next evolution of BAM™ has positioned itself to become a leader in the $65 billion global marketing analytics market – the fastest growing industry in the $1 trillion the global marketing industry. Exclusion is supported by a Series B funding round that will be used to fully automate and scale the user experience already available on desktop and mobile, with a focus on AI for predictive analytics reporting . Additionally, the creation of a dedicated North America-wide sales and marketing team will be implemented with an expansion into Europe and South America on the horizon.

BAM’s patented platform delivers the broadest breadth of real-time integrated analytics systems intelligence between brands and people, simplified in the information age. Working with global creative effectiveness leaders at one of the FANG companies as well as analytics groups at some of the world’s largest CPG companies, Mass Minority has expanded and patented what BAM is capable of, including including free competitive reports from some of the biggest brands. in the United States and are currently available on the BAM+ app. The company is now ready to bring all of its real-time consumer behavior analysis advantages to market by developing all of its automated systems.

“Our clients call it their unfair advantage that guides them to winning positions in their markets with comparable, easy to understand and actionable reports,” said the CEO of Mass Minority. Brett Channer. “Coming to leadership positions in creative agencies, I could no longer look clients in the eye and tell them what worked and what didn’t. This drove me to build the science team that helped to invent an unbiased in-flight contribution to the ROI platform that puts control back in the hands of marketers.At Mass Minority, better ROI for customers has been our unit of value and our BAM technology is the result of that concentration,” Mr. Channer said.

Mass Minority assembled a team of data scientists, mathematicians, statisticians and market analysis experts to invent and validate BAM as the primary indicator of marketing effectiveness and brand effectiveness. . All informed by the widest range of unbiased, real-time consumer behavior available. The cloud-based framework houses a system that reduces the complexity of mass media, digital and owned data to a single, comparable score. Real-time consumer data eliminates reliance on post-campaign survey reports that are often too late to act on, and instead provides unbiased and actionable reporting.

BAM’s technology has not only propelled Mass Minority into the top 100 fastest growing communications companies in the world, ranked by adweek, but has scientifically validated and proven the commercial power of BAM’s precision and contribution to the marketing and is now poised to evolve into a major marketing analytics company. .

BAM helps determine marketing effectiveness, efficiency and effectiveness, with 93.7% accuracy and has helped mass minority clients achieve significant double-digit growth and improved ROAS with a better return on overall marketing investment.

BAM™ has been proven in the market for clients such as Serta/Simmons Bedding, Grupo Bimbo, A&W, Ancestry, Love Good Fats and regional professional services firms such as Brandt & Sherman LLP and HawkLaw PA

ABOUT BAM™ BAM is a high-growth, technology-driven business intelligence development company that has patented a cloud-based marketing analytics platform capable of seamlessly monitoring marketing efforts across all paid marketing channels, earned and held. Available through the app and desktop, the cloud-based BAM system uses patented technology to monitor marketing performance against real-time consumer behavior to determine brand effectiveness and marketing effectiveness in specific brand categories. The information system distills data into a single, easy-to-understand brand attraction score, as well as individual scores across sales performance, web attraction, effectiveness, and paid media effectiveness metrics , as well as brand effectiveness, ranking and analytics, in-flight campaign tracking. & optimization, brand sentiment contribution scrubs and brand portfolio management.

SOURCE Mass Minority Inc.

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