ARC Group launches $20 million venture capital fund to help startups with disruptive technologies grow and scale their business

SHANGHAI, April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ARC Group is pleased to announce the official launch of its venture capital fund, ARC Group Companies.

The ARC Group Ventures fund invests and helps entrepreneurs create and grow technology-driven businesses globally. We co-invest alongside the world’s most reputable venture capital funds and seek out start-ups with a proven product with exceptional growth potential. We are value-added partners by providing not only our money, but also our strategic relationships in their journey. Our goal is to help our portfolio companies grow to become publicly traded companies; where we have exceptional expertise and access.

ARC Group’s management team has years of industry experience and has worked with hundreds of such companies over the years, maximizing the likelihood of identifying potential high-return and low-return opportunities. risk. “We encourage companies around the world in sectors such as Fintech, SaaS, new energy and mobility to reach out,” said Jesus HoyosThe head of finance.

To date, the fund has signed commitments with two very promising Startups; backed by top venture capital funds and who we are sure will be on their way to becoming market-leading players in their fields.

Expect announcements on these deals soon, when their rounds end!

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