Aperture Venture Capital Announces Strategic Partnership with Leading Think Tank DEI Aleria Research Corp (ARC)



NEW YORK, September 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Aperture Venture Capital, a early stage venture capital fund that invests in black, Latin and female founders who are building the future of fintech and enterprise software, has announced a strategic partnership with Aleria Research Corp (ARC). Anchored by its flagship event, the Annual Diversity and Inclusion Research Conference (DIRC), the ARC pursues a wide range of research and education activities with the mission of working for a more inclusive world and more equitable. To launch the partnership, Aperture VC will sponsor a panel at DIRC21 on November 17-19 entitled From diversity to dividends: expanding the corporate guide to diversity. The panel is moderated by Aperture VC co-founder and diversity innovator William crowder. Mr. Crowder will bring together speakers from leading companies and foundations to share their ideas and best practices in the rapidly evolving space of business investment in diversity.

“Aperture VC’s vision is based on our unique model of engagement with enterprise LPs,” said Aperture VC co-founder, Heraman Garnet. “Our new partnership with ARC will allow us to extend this model of engagement to include sharing scientific research on what works and what doesn’t as companies develop new strategies and tactics to invest in diversity.”

founder of the ARC Paul Gaudiano Says: “Although there is growing interest and an investment of resources in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DCI), most organizations prioritize initiatives that focus primarily on awareness and education. . We believe collaborative applied research is the key to identifying strategies that can truly needlepoint in DEI. We view the Aperture VC fund model as a more tangible example of action that can lead to a measurable return on investment.

About Aperture Venture Capital
Aperture Venture Capital is VC for the multicultural general publicâ„¢. We have created a new investment paradigm specifically designed to support various founders across the United States who are building the next generation of breakthrough technology companies. Investors in Aperture VC are leading companies, endowments and other institutions committed to building an inclusive economy through partnership and collaboration. Known for the innovative Diversity Investing APIâ„  platform, we work closely with treasury and corporate units to expand their diversity investing toolbox. Led by seasoned technology investors William crowder and Heraman Garnet, Aperture VC helps Fortune 500 companies, foundations and institutions quickly transform their DCI strategy into measurable impact that amplifies their bottom line over time.CONTACT WITH THE MEDIA:
Madelaine Real, [email protected], (213) 437-3183.

About the CRA
Aleria Research Corp (ARC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to conducting charitable scientific research in areas related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DCI). Our mission is to demonstrate the value of DCI and to foster greater inclusion and equality in society. Our work aims to benefit women, underrepresented minorities, people with disabilities and other disadvantaged and underserved communities by convincing the privileged majority of the value of becoming more diverse and inclusive.

The ARC conducts scientific research with the rigor and transparency of academia, but with the efficiency and applied mindset of the private sector. Our human-centered approach leverages behavioral science, complexity science, and technology to influence how people think about EI and, more importantly, what they do with it. Media contact: Toni Shoola, [email protected], + 1-646-862-2934.

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