Amberwave Partners launches iUSA Exchange Traded Fund to drive investment in US jobs, security and growth

NEW YORK and HOUSTON, January 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Emerging asset manager Amberwave Partners (Amberwave) today launched its first exchange-traded fund (ETF), Amberwave Invest United States JSG Fund (iUSA/NYSE: $IUSA), to drive value-based impact investing focused on the universal priorities of supporting jobs, security and growth in the United States (JSG). JSG Investment is an emerging asset management ecosystem that focuses on American jobs, national security, and economic growth and is strategically designed to help improve the lives of all Americans and their communities.

“At Amberwave Partners, we believe our JSG investment strategy will give investors the ability to direct their savings to companies that create labor market opportunities, strengthen supply chains, and contribute to U.S. economic growth through long-term – while looking to deliver returns,” said the Amberwave co-founder Dan Katz. “Our ultimate goal is to encourage investment in those core values ​​- jobs, security and growth – that drive performance and encourage businesses to act in ways that improve communities across the country and contribute to the well-being and to the prosperity of all Americans.”

Amberwave believes that JSG investing is good for American wallets and communities and results in more sustainable, higher quality and more resilient cash flows. Amberwave believes:

  • Companies that invest in their workers will have a more reliable production of goods and services and a more flexible capacity for expansion;
  • Companies that invest in the security of their supply chains and information technologies and minimize their exposure to market threats will perform better and more sustainably in the event of economic shocks; and
  • Companies that make productive investments in critical industries that contribute to widespread economic prosperity will experience higher quality long-term earnings growth.

In an effort to maximize impact as Amberwave’s premier product, iUSA focuses on large-cap US stocks. Amberwave’s goal is to allow investors to reallocate portions of their existing portfolio to JSG investing, giving them exposure to broad stock market returns while isolating JSG’s outperformance and allowing them to put their savings at work to help create shared prosperity for all Americans. The company will strive to deliver superior returns while helping investors strengthen and protect communities across America.

The Amberwave team, based in New York and Houstonwas co-founded and is led by Dan Katz, Stephane Miran, and Thomas Emanuel Dans, CFA — three finance professionals with decades of combined experience at leading companies such as Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, Allen & Company, Merrill Lynch and Evercore Partners. Additionally, the Amberwave co-founders all previously held senior government positions at the U.S. Treasury Department, where they helped design and implement trillions of dollars in economic relief to support jobs, security and growth in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic.

iUSA will be available to retail investors through most individual brokerage firms.

To learn more about Amberwave Partners and the JSG investment, visit their website at

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